Study In USA

Study In USA

Hundreds of thousands of people come to the United States from around the world for a higher education to improve their skills and broaden their minds. Numerous programs provide a wide variety of opportunities. There are three major types of student visas that an international student can come on to the United States to study.

Student visas are issued for the period it takes the visitor to complete his/her course of study, program or work assignment.

The 3 Types of non-Immigrant Student Visa

F1 Visa : Academic Studies

For people who want to study or conduct research at an accredited U.S. College or University. In order to be qualified for getting an F1, you must be accepted by an recognized university as a full time student. You must also prove the sufficient proof of financial support during this stay in United States. Except for the training required by the course a F-1 holder cannot work in the United States.

J Visa : Academic Studies as an Exchange Visitor

For people who will be participating in an exchange visitor program in the U.S. The J Visa is the primary visa for educational and cultural exchange programs. Check out the details about working in the U.S. with your program sponsor.

M Visa : Non-Academic or Vocational Studies

For people who want to study or train at non-academic institutions in the U.S. such as vocational schools.

Study visa procedure : Apply for admission

Once you have decided what and where you want to study, we will help you complete the application to the institutions of your choice. At the time of application for admission you will be required to submit several documents including proof of previous academic qualifications and in most cases proof of your English language ability. We will also provide you with a checklist for the documents you will need to provide at the time of your visa interview (step 9).

By submitting your application through us you will be able to track the progress of your application as we send you automatic notifications of its progress. We also take the hard work out of tracking the applications by keeping in contact with the institution on your behalf.


Once a US education provider accepts you as one of their students, they will issue a "Confirmation of acceptance of the student" known as an i-20. An i-20 is required for an F-1 or M-1 student visa.

As well as applying for the visa, the i-20 form is necessary to enter the U.S. for the first time, re-enter U.S. after a short visit outside the U.S., and for the entry of family / dependents (spouse, children).


SEVIS is The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. The SEVIS I-901 fee is required for all F and M students as well as J exchange visitors. To pay the fee, go to: https://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee/


Your next step is to pay the visa application fee. This fee has to be paid at the approved HDFC bank. In addition to the visa application fee you also need to pay the VFS service


The visa application form, known as the DS 160 needs to be completed online. In order to complete the form you will need to have completed all steps up to this point. After successfully completing the online form, you will receive an application ID number and password, and you will be able to access the confirmation page of the DS-160.


The next step is to make an appointment for your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy. Appointments are booked online. Once your appointment has been booked, you will be able to view your appointment letter. Make sure you take a print out of this as you will need to bring this with you when you attend your interview.

Undertake the interview with embassy

On the date of your appointment you will need to take your entire visa case with you to the interview. Oceanic Consultants will prepare the case file for you with the documents you have provided throughout the various steps of the process. It is important also that you prepare for your visa interview. Make sure you are clear on the reasons you have chosen to Study in the USA, and why you have chosen the course and institution for which you have been issued an i-20.


On the day of your interview, you will be informed about the visa decision. In case the visa is refused, your passport will be handed over to you directly by the visa officer. For approved visas the passport will be returned to our office, with the visa stamp, approximately one week after your interview. We will notify you as soon as it has arrived so you can come in and collect it. This also means you can also start planning your travel and accommodation for the USA!

At Globus we can help you organise your travel arrangements to begin your new student life in the USA. Air ticketing, insurance and foreign exchange can all be arranged through us to make studying overseas easier!

Admission Timings

Major INTAKE :

  • Fall – August / September
  • Spring – January / February
  • Summer – May / June

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