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Canada Student Visa Rejection (SPP Visa Rejection)

Analyze the reasons for visa rejection

If you are worried because you have Canada student visa rejection or, if you are among one of the students, whose visa has got rejected under the high volume of visa rejections for Canada, we recommend you to analyze the reasons for visa denial cautiously. Because reasons mentioned in visa rejection letter are the only access to correct the mistakes. You need to read your visa rejection letter carefully under the guidelines of visa category.

Many of the rejection reasons are straight forward; however some reasons are not so simple. Some examples of such reasons are:

  • You have not satisfied me that you will leave Canada by the end of the period authorized for your stay because:
  • You have not demonstrated that you are sufficiently well established in your country of residence.
  • Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of one or more of the following : your qualifications, previous studies, employment, level of establishment, other educational opportunities available in India (the country of the applicant) or Canada, language abilities, or your future prospects and plans.
  • You have not satisfied me with regulation 179 that you would leave Canada at the end of the temporary period.
  • You have submitted documentations which lacks credibility as part of your application. This has diminished the overall credibility of your submission.
  • You have not provided documents that demonstrate the relationship between you and your sponsor (other than your parents).
  • You have not demonstrated that your sponsor will provide adequate support to cover the cost of your studies.
  • You have failed to comply with our request for an interview. Based on the information provided, you have not satisfied me that you meet the requirements for issuance of a study permit.

Common SPP visa refusal mistakes

SPP visa guidelines are brief and precise. A clear understanding of the guideline is extremely important. Visa rejection reasons usually have a standard language. SPP rejections happen primarily due to:

Poor documentation

Canada high commission expects documents to be arranged according to guidelines. A single wrong documentation can become a reasons for visa rejectedTo your surprise, one of the most common mistake is “overdoing the paperwork”, so do your documentation properly.

Over explanation of case

Another common mistake is over explaining the situation when it is not required.

Wrong visa category

One of Reasons for visa refusal is selecting the wrong category for visa application at the Canadian High Commission. Canada Immigration has 3 categories in which you can apply for visa-

  • SPP
  • General and
  • University

You are suggested to select your visa category extremely carefully and follow only one guideline at a time. Do not mingle the requirement of one category with another.

Final Tips

Use proper category for your visa and do not get trapped under the impression that only SPP visa applications are approved. If you are a genuine student, study visa is given to the student’s of every category.

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